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Vacation Rentals in Las Vegas

Updated: Jan 11

A vacation rental is a short-term leasing of a residence for up to 30 consecutive days. In the city of Las Vegas, everyone who wishes to offer their property as a short-term rental must obtain a business license and have a short term rental license for the property they will be renting out.

Vacation Rentals in Las Vegas

Property owners and tenants are required to comply with Las Vegas ordinances for noise, parking, and occupancy limits. Excessive noise that can be heard 50 feet from the property line is a violation of Las Vegas Municipal Code (Las Vegas Municipal Code Chapter 9.16).

All short-term renters must park their vehicles in the driveway and may not block neighboring properties, driveways or community mailboxes. Trash cannot be left out or stored in public view except in proper trash collection containers in accordance with Las Vegas Municipal Code (Las Vegas Municipal Code Chapter 9.08).

There are restrictions on what sort of residence can be offered as a vacation rental.

The property must be owner-occupied (with an “owner” defined as an individual with at least 25% ownership interest in the property as evidenced by a recorded document), cannot be a unit in an apartment building, and must have no more than three bedrooms.

Additionally, any proposed rental located within a gated or restricted-access community governed by a homeowner’s association must abide by the HOA rules and guidelines, and must also obtain a letter of approval from the HOA before a rental license may be granted.

There is also a restriction for spacing – specifically, one vacation rental cannot be within 660 feet of another.

In addition to these restrictions, short term rentals are prohibited in master planned areas including Summerlin, Town Center, Skye Canyon, Cliff’s Edge, Symphony Park, Grand Canyon Village, Las Vegas Medical District, and Providence Square.

The first step to use property as a vacation rental is to contact the City of Las Vegas Department of Community Development, Planning Information at 702-229-6301 or email at

To learn more, visit Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys or call 800-233-8521 for a free phone consultation.


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