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Real Estate Attorneys

Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys help clients on a full range of situations.

Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys boast an extensive track record of effectively resolving a wide range of real estate conflicts through litigation and arbitration. Our array of services includes the following, among others.

Our team excels at personally assisting clients in navigating through the intricacies of these complex legal procedures, effectively communicating each stage. Whether you require legal guidance or representation, Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys are committed to advocating for your distinct requirements. Reach out to us today to arrange a consultation.

Real estate attorneys



Transfer property ownership via gifting, will, trust, or sale.

Fair Housing Act

Combat discriminatory practices in accordance with the Fair Housing & Discrimination Act.

Landlord & Tenant

Ensure you are aware of your rights and responsibilities, and craft a lease agreement to meet your requirements.


Neighborly disputes could be harmless, or they could rise to level of actionable nuisance.

Property Disputes

Property lines and whether your neighbor can legally interfere with your land.


To make sure the grantor's intent is documented, the deed must be properly written & recorded.


Learn about creditor authority for asset foreclosure and preventing it.

Lease Agreements

Before you enter a lease, make sure it has key elements that uphold your legal rights.


Property rights and duties change depending on ownership.

Water Rights

Know what you can do with the natural water on your property and who can access it.


Modifying an easement, altering its essence, or contesting its presence is crucial.

Land Sale Contracts

If you need help with land sales contracts or lawsuits, or drafting contracts, please contact us.


Know when a mortgage holder can come after your personal assets.

Property Acquisition

Adverse possession, inheritance under a trust or will, or standard purchases.


How to abide with new zoning regulations or how to apply for a zoning variance.

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