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Construction Attorneys

Unwavering Advocacy for Your Construction Matter.

Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys enjoy an extensive track record of effectively resolving a wide range of real estate conflicts through litigation and arbitration. Our array of services includes affidavits, bids, contract formation, contractor warranties, owner warranties, liens, injury liability, labor relations, subcontractor management, copyright drawings, and more.

Our team excels at personally assisting clients in navigating through the intricacies of these complex legal procedures, effectively communicating each stage. Whether you require legal guidance or representation, we are committed to advocating for your distinct requirements. Reach out to us today to arrange a consultation.



Various types of affidavits such as contractor's affidavit, progress payment affidavit, subcontractor affidavit, among others. 

Contractor Warranties

Warranties can be found in legal frameworks such as Express, Implied, Under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), Product Liability, and New Home Warranties.

Labor Relations

Collective bargaining, contract administration, picketing, strikes, and secondary pressure

Owner Warranties

Accuracy and suitability, materials and equipment, financial responsibility, and defenses


Creating or being relieved of bids on construction projects involves the process of preparing and submitting proposals to potential clients. 

Copyright Drawings

Copyright protection extends to two-dimensional architectural plans and three-dimensional architectural models.


License your construction company or workers

Payment Types

Progress payments, payment and contract divisibility, basis of payment, and others

Contract Formation

A well-drafted contract in place serves as a legal safeguard, providing protection for all parties involved. 

Injury Liability

Included in those liable for injury are contractors, supervisors, architects and owners.


What is lienable, who may assert a lien, the prerequisites, effects, enforcement, and more

Subcontractor Management

Terminating subcontractors by agreement

The Importance of Legal Assistance and Sound Advice in Construction Disputes

Construction law is a multifaceted field that covers a broad range of legal principles and regulations. It is essential for all stakeholders in the construction industry to understand the complexities of construction law, from negotiations of contracts to resolving disputes.

Important Concepts in Construction Law

The fundamental concepts in construction law will be explored by Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys. This will include topics such as construction contracts, licensing requirements, and building codes, providing a better understanding of the legal framework that governs the industry.

Minimizing Risks and Resolving Disputes

Dealing with potential disputes and associated risks is a major challenge in construction projects. This section will focus on strategies to mitigate these risks, emphasizing the significance of clear and comprehensive contracts, efficient project management, and alternative methods for resolving disputes.

Considerations for Compliance with Regulations

Maintaining compliance with regulations and building codes is of utmost importance in the construction industry.

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