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Business & Contract Attorneys

Providing Resolute Support for Your Business or Contract Concerns.

Assisting individuals and businesses with the establishment of various business types, including LLCs, LLPs, and more, Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys have extensive experience in matters such as business formation, sales and litigation, all while providing comprehensive support throughout the process.

Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, our firm is well-equipped to offer legal guidance and representation tailored to your specific requirements. To discuss your needs and schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable Business or Contract experts, kindly reach out to us today.



Create and determine the rights and duties of your corporation's agents


Litigate your rights and pursue your remedies under the law

Corporate Securities

Issue or sell stock and know your stock rights, options, and warrants

Direct & Derivative Law Suits

Pursue litigation on behalf of a corporation as a shareholder

Mergers & Acquisitions

Asset acquisition, stock acquisition, and shareholder rights in acquisition


Rescind a contract due to breach or other lawful grounds

Terminate Business

Voluntary and involuntary dissolution, winding-up the assets, and paying out creditors

Assigning Rights

Assign your rights under a contract to a third-party

Business Formation

Set up your LLC, LLP, S-Corp, C-Corp, or other organization

Director's Duties

Voting, term, election, litigation, payment and other duties

Discharging Duties

Due to impracticability, frustration of purpose, recision, release, or destruction


Establishing a partnership and determining each partners rights

Shareholder Rights

Voting, distribution, litigation, and other rights


In the sale of goods, ensure you're complying with the Uniform Commercial Code


Ensure your rights as a third-party beneficiary are upheld

Contract Formation

Composing contracts to fit your particular needs while protecting your rights

Delegating Duties

Delegate duties under a contract to a third-party

Liability in Tort

Understand what liability you and your corporation have when an agent commits a tort


Reform the terms of a contract to evidence the parties' intent

Special Corporation

Closely held, foreign, professional, s-corp, and benefit corporations


Express warranties, implied warranties of merchantability, implied warranty of fitness, and disclaimer of warranties 

Business attorney's in Las Vegas Nevada

Business litigation attorneys provide specialized guidance to clients in non-criminal litigation matters. These areas encompass a wide range of disputes, business formations and sales, contract issues, partnerships, liabilities, and various others.


In certain cases, settling disputes through negotiation or arbitration may prove challenging, ultimately leading to the necessity of taking legal action in court.

It is crucial to recognize that business litigation not only holds significance for individual businesses but also for the overall economy. Hence, I would like to stress the importance of this point.

Given the potential existence of conflicting claims between businesses or involving individuals, engaging the services of a business litigation lawyer becomes essential.


Through their expertise, these attorneys ensure the preservation of justice, equity, and protection of the parties' rights.

Business and contract attorneys play a pivotal role in successfully resolving conflicts and safeguarding harmony.

To learn more, please visit Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys or call (800) 233-8521 for a free phone consultation.

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