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Garage Sales in Las Vegas

Garage/yard sales are often a useful means to clean out one’s home and make some money at the same time. Because this can be overdone to the point of abuse, cities can put restrictions on garage/yard sales. In Las Vegas, restrictions on garage/yard sales are found under Las Vegas Municipal Code, Unified Development Ordinance 19.12.020(B)(1). This code places several specific regulations and prohibitions on garage/yard sales within the city.

Garage Sales in Las Vegas

A garage/yard sale may only include property which has been owned and used by the occupant of the premises.

One cannot sell property on behalf of another individual, nor use another’s premises for selling their property.

No more than two garage/yard sales can be conducted per year. This prevents people from circumventing home based business restrictions by labeling their sale of goods as a “garage sale.”

A garage/yard sale may not be conducted for more than three days.

It is impermissible for any individual to extend the duration of a garage sale indefinitely under the pretense of it being a single event, nor is it permissible to operate a storefront under the guise of a garage sale.

A garage/yard sale may only be conducted during the daytime. One cannot conduct a garage/yard sale at night at the annoyance of their neighbors.


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