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Restrictions on Property Fences in Las Vegas

Updated: May 31

Municipalities may impose restrictions on fences to preserve aesthetic standards. By maintaining an attractive and welcoming appearance, a city can better sustain high property values. These restrictions may pertain to the style or uniformity of fences.

Restrictions on Property Fences in Las Vegas

Additionally, limitations on fence height can enhance safety by improving the line of sight for law enforcement, while still providing increased security and privacy for residents.

Clark County Unified Development Code §30.64.020 governs the regulations pertaining to perimeter fences and walls. For Single Family Residential Developments and Multi-family.

Buildings that are not part of a dwelling group, the maximum permissible height for fences and walls is six feet, subject to compliance with zoning setback requirements.

Within fifteen feet of the front property line or a private street, the height of fences and walls may not exceed five feet.

For Multiple Family Dwelling Group Developments, except in rural areas, fences must be decorative or similar to those of adjacent properties, subject to administrative approval.

In cases where the ground is uneven, the height measurement for single family residences is taken from the top of the curb. Gated communities could have perimeter walls and gates no greater than 8 feet in height, including those who have yards facing towards a control access gate or when constructed in conjunction with a retaining wall.

For Commercial/Special Developments, if a wall is situated along a street in a required zoning setback, walls and fences can not be greater than 3 feet in height and must be decorative.

Walls situated along a street and acting as a buffer for adjacent uses (like separating a residential area from a commercial one) could be exempted from the height restrictions upon approval from the Commission or Board.

The maximum height for walls and fences not situated on a street or a property line is 6 feet.

For Industrial Developments, the maximum height for all walls and fences is 10 feet around the perimeter of the building within the required setback.

The maximum height of a wall or fence for an Industrial Development could be increased to 13 feet if needed to accommodate retaining walls. 


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