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Las Vegas Noise Restrictions

Updated: May 10

Many cities implement limitations on the amount of noise people can make in the city. The reason behind enforcing such limitations are both evident and a necessity to uphold civility and desirability in the area. The statutes include provisions for irrigation, mining, recreational use, commercial and industrial use, and municipal uses.

Las Vegas Noise Restrictions

Despite its renowned status as a "party city", this reputation is mainly attributed to the commercialized stretch of road known as “the strip” where the largest hotels and casinos operate.

Outside of “the strip”, Las Vegas deviates from being a “party city” where peace and tranquility are desired.

Noise restrictions are very prevalent and enforced in Las Vegas to preserve a peaceful living environment for its residents and to maintain the attractiveness of the locality.

The adverse effects of unchecked noise pollution on residential desirability are manifold.

Diminished desirability due to excessive noise can lead to decreased demand for properties, thereby precipitating a decline in property values and, consequently, a reduction in municipal revenue.

Las Vegas City Ordinance 7.36.010 makes it unlawful for a person to willfully allow an animal in their care to continuously bark, yelp, or otherwise create a loud noise. This applies not only to one’s pet, but also to those who are merely caring for the animal.

Continuous loud noises from an animal would be an unwarranted invasion of peace and quiet for neighboring residents.

Furthermore, Las Vegas City Ordinance 9.16.030 enumerates various activities deemed as noise disturbances, including playing radios, televisions, or musical instruments at volumes that disturb those residing or working within 50 feet.

These regulations are essential for fostering a harmonious environment conducive to the well-being of the community.


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