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Las Vegas Master Planned Communities

A planned community is a housing development in which the residential units, roadways, and various other amenities are meticulously designed and coordinated by an architect to enhance the convenience and enjoyment of its residents. Due to the comprehensive nature of such projects, zoning considerations and the acquisition of necessary permits are critical to the successful development and construction of a planned community.

Las Vegas planned community

In Las Vegas, planned community districts are covered under section 19.10.030 P-C of the Unified Development Code.

Under this code, it is required in Las Vegas that a planned community must be at least 3,000 acres in size.

Additionally, the code stipulates a maximum housing density, which is determined based on the total size of the planned community.

Furthermore, at least 20% of the area within the planned community must be allocated as open space or designated for common community and landscaping purposes.

Prior to the construction on a planned community, the proposed plans must be submitted to the City Council for review and approval.

Any subsequent modifications to these plans must also be submitted for approval before implementation by the developer.

The director is responsible for reviewing the plans to ensure compliance with the approved specifications and may mandate revisions if the development diverges from the initially approved plans.


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