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Las Vegas Lighting Restrictions

When people envision Las Vegas, the iconic brightly lit Strip is often the foremost image that comes to mind. It might be easy to presume that such vibrant illumination suggests an absence of lighting regulations within the city.

Las Vegas Lighting Restrictions

However, this perception pertains solely to the commercial zones of Las Vegas.

In contrast, the residential areas of Las Vegas are subject to distinctly different standards. The city has implemented specific restrictions to ensure that lighting in residential zones does not encroach upon or disturb neighboring properties.

Las Vegas Unified Development Code 19.06.040 places restrictions on lighting from one property spilling over onto adjacent properties.

The intent of these restrictions is to mitigate light intrusion, thereby preserving the enjoyment of property by neighboring residents. The regulations mandate that all lighting sources must either be directed away from adjacent properties or adequately shielded to ensure that light intensity at the property line does not exceed 0.5 foot-candles.

These limitations encompass all types of lighting, including but not limited to decorative, landscaping, and security lighting.


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