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How to File a Complaint with the Nevada Contractors License Board

Updated: Jan 11

The Nevada State Contractors Board is the statewide licensing agency for contractors in the Las Vegas construction industry. The Board provides consumer information regarding hiring contractors, issues licenses for contractors, confirms the validity of a contractor’s license, and provides oversight and disciplinary action when a contractor does something wrong.

File a Complaint with the Nevada Contractors License Board

If a consumer does have an issue, they are unable to resolve with a licensed contractor, they can file a complaint with the Nevada State Contractors Board.

This is done by completing a “Licensed Contractor Complaint Form”. This form can be obtained online or by calling the Board and having the form sent.

Reasons for filing a complaint may include a contractor not doing what was agreed upon, not completing the project in a timely manner, or work a contractor has done failing due to improper workmanship.

This will require supplying the name of the person making the complaint, the contractor’s information, information about the work that was to be done, and a narrative of the issue that is the cause of the complaint.

Once the complaint form is received, the Nevada State Contractors Board will mail a letter or acknowledgment to the consumer and a copy of the complaint to the contractor.

An investigator appointed by the Board will examine the allegations made in the complaint, which may include a visit to the jobsite for a detailed inspection.

Once the investigation is complete, the Board will either send written notice to the consumer and contractor that the complaint is without merit, or will send a Notice to Correct, informing both the consumer and contractor of the issues which must be remedied and corrected.

Typically, contractors will resolve the issue at this stage so as to avoid further disciplinary action, but if a contractor fails to correct the problems outlined in the Notice to Correct, the Board will commence former disciplinary proceedings.

It is important to remember this is a factual complaint, not a grievance about feelings or impressions.

For example, there is a world of difference between “I feel they are taking too long to finish the job” and “It was agreed the job would be completed in 4 weeks, it has now been 6 weeks and there is still a considerable amount left to be done”.

The latter may be sufficient grounds for filing a substantive complaint with the Board, whereas the former is not.

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