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Construction Disputes in Las Vegas

Updated: Jan 11

Construction disputes can arise from issues such as poor workmanship, not finishing work, not finishing on time, failing to complete work according to plans or building code, or causing property damage during the course of performing work.

Construction Disputes in Nevada

When a consumer has such a dispute, the best solution is to resolve the problem directly with the contractor, as the issue may not have been intentional but the result of an error or misunderstanding. This may yield the best result as it can save both parties a great deal of time and expense.

If the consumer and contractor cannot reach an agreement, however, a third party may be useful. Specifically, a private mediator can help the parties to resolve the issue. As a neutral and disinterested third party, the mediator would listen to both sides of the dispute and help the parties to find a resolution.

If an agreement is not at all possible, the next best avenue is to make a complaint with the Nevada Contractor’s License Board.

The Board has the power to investigate the construction dispute and order a contractor to correct issues as well as impose disciplinary actions against a contractor that has been found to have acted improperly.

In addition, the Board may order the contractor to correct the defects that have given rise to the consumer’s complaint, and may bring disciplinary actions against a contractor who fails to comply.

The strongest method for resolving a dispute is to file a civil lawsuit against the contractor.

This is the more time consuming and costly method, but also has the greatest power over ordering any form of recovery appropriate to make the wronged property owner whole.

Las Vegas Real Estate attorneys have significant experience in resolving real estate matters on a full range of situations involving retail and commercial properties.

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