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Sussman & Associates

Ability. Experience. Results.

Are you looking for a law firm in Las Vegas to handle your real estate matters? Look no further than Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys – the go-to source for reliable legal assistance. With years of experience and a commitment to providing outstanding results, our Real Estate Attorney law firm is the perfect choice for all your real estate needs.

Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys

Established in 1977, we are a boutique legal firm comprising skilled attorneys, paralegals, real estate agents, and brokers.

Our area of expertise lies in real estate and business litigation, encompassing property disputes, construction conflicts, title issues, contracts, bankruptcy, business establishment, timeshare litigation, and student loan adjustment.


With our profound understanding and extensive background in these legal domains, we offer effective and customized solutions to meet our clients' needs.

Should you require litigation, arbitration, mediation, or expert advice, our dedicated team guarantees unwavering advocacy of your interests. We strive to reach a fair and judicious resolution for your real estate and business disputes.

Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys take pride in the accomplishments of the consumer advocacy department. Our expertise has resulted in more than 35,000 successful negotiations for timeshare releases on behalf of our valued clients.


Moreover, our dedication to delivering positive results extends beyond timeshare matters. We have also facilitated mortgage and student loan forgiveness for numerous clients, showcasing our unwavering commitment to their satisfaction.

To experience our exceptional services without any risks involved, we invite you to a complimentary phone consultation with one of our knowledgeable legal associates.


Feel free to contact us at (800) 233-8521 to discuss your unique circumstances. Discover how our accomplished team can provide you with the necessary assistance in navigating your challenges.

Or call us at (800) 233-8521


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I must express my gratitude for the expert handling of the timeshare exit case by the attorneys at Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys. Once they took over the case I was instantly relieved. The clear and upfront communication and vigorous defense of my rights as a consumer were amazing. Night and day when compared to my past dealings with resale listing companies.


For my very first time hiring an attorney, I was anxious about many things. However, Attorney  Mitchell Sussman and Jeff Murphy alleviated all my concerns with their professionalism, knowledge, legal experience, confidence, client care and above all, Results. I'm extremely satisfied and grateful.


I'm VERY thankful to have these smart lawyers on my side. Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys have rockstar attorneys -- their experience and knowledge of HOA policy and all types of real estate law is impressive. I was walked through every step of the process and given clearly defined options to choose from. I never had to figure out what was going on or happening with my case because they are deligent and responsive and followed up with us promptly. Not feeling defenseless or confused was reassuring and I knew I was in good hands.


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