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Garbage Can Ordinance for Homeowners in Las Vegas

Garbage cans, or solid waste containers as they are legally referred to in the Las Vegas City Code, are the receptacles taken for granted when it comes to disposing of trash in a developed residential area. Garbage cans often go unnoticed, but they are subject to strict regulations.

Garbage Can Ordinances in Las Vegas

While homeowners associations commonly enforce rules for solid waste containers, the city also plays a significant role in regulation enforcement.

Under Las Vegas City Code of Ordinances 9.08.100(C), single-family premises cannot keep, place, or store a solid waste container within the right of way of a street, sidewalk, or alley. It is also unlawful to put a container within any front yard of a home.

The exception to this is when a waste management company collects solid waste and recyclables, but even then there are time restrictions. Containers cannot be placed out earlier than 2:00 PM the day before the designated collection day and they must be removed no later than midnight of the collection day.


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